Why Use Magic Glass?

  • Your safety is our number one concern.
  • Your auto glass job is made easy and hassle free by our free mobile glass repair service.
  • Your satisfaction and care is ensured by Magic Glass owners Dave and Lori Hagen who have a combined 44 years of experience in the auto glass industry.
  • You get to do business with a locally owned and operated company, which means you enjoy direct contact with those who make sure your job is done right.
  • The materials used on your car will always be the best and adhere to or exceed all safety standards.
  • You never have to worry if we can service your vehicle. We service auto glass on all makes and models of cars.
  • Our commitment to customer service includes efficient work. We get your job done on time!
  • You can relax knowing that every job comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • We adhere to the AGRSS safety standards, you are guaranteed quality service.

What is the Consumers Right to Choose?

By law, the State of Arizona grants you the consumer the Right to Choose which company repairs your car. You may find that your insurance company tries to direct you to a shop that gives them the cheapest price. Since not all shops follow safe installation procedures, your insurance company has no way of knowing what kind of job will be done on your car. You do not have to go where your insurance company tries to steer you. If you do decide to go where your insurance company wants you to go, make sure you ask about OEM parts, urethane sealants, safe drive-away times, and written warranties.

What are TPA’s?

TPA stands for Third Party Administrator. TPA’s are used by insurance companies to process claims. The 1-800 number your insurance company gave you to call in a claim will usually go to a TPA and not your insurance company. This is important to know because some TPA’s are actually glass companies and have an interest in sending you to one of their own shops. Remember, by law, in Arizona you have a right to choose who repairs your auto glass. Any recommendation made is that of the TPA and is not  your insurance company.